Don’t Forget

It seems he’s everywhere, although he really isn’t. Many people only notice him more when it gets closer to the end, but he’s still around the rest of the time. But really, with just a few changes, I am sure we wouldn’t recognize him at all. In fact, we aren’t even sure what race he is—maybe he is best classified as “other”—check that box. Like most people in cold, rural areas, he has a weight problem, and might even be an alcoholic. He rarely leaves the house: it might be agoraphobia, or just that he doesn’t have a car.
From what I hear, most of the time he is delusional. He sees little people and has auditory, command hallucinations. The voices tell him to do all sorts of things. He hasn’t seen the business end of a razor in years. I think PETA is after him as he is fond of animal skins and fur. When he tries to dress up he looks kind of silly. Not a fashion icon or trendsetter; in a different time he surely would be arrested. Really, he needs an intervention. But I think his heart is good and he loves too much.

Whether more myth or fact, we all seem to love Santa Claus. The mere mention of his name brings visions of sugarplum fairies, presents, and holiday cheer. His image is everywhere, from the commercial mall kind, to the simple drawing of children. What would the season be without Santa? If we tried to take him out of Christmas, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Still, he really isn’t a terrific role model. He’s definitely agoraphobic, overweight, and can’t even drive. Perhaps his red nose comes from an eggnog addiction. Red Fur, really? Even Lady Gaga isn’t even that bold. Let’s not forget the little people—I think he needs Abilify. So you say stop, don’t make fun of Santa! Aren’t you afraid of getting coal?

But how can we idolize such a myth? Kris Kringle and Saint Nicolas are immortalized. As children we are mortified when we learn the big lie—that there is no such thing as Santa. Say it ain’t so! But in spite of that spoiler we still want to believe. What would Christmas be without Santa Claus?

But what would Christmas be without Christ? Oh wait, Christmas is about Christ. He had none of the failings of St. Nick, or mysterious little people. We do have lists for him in our daily prayers, but he doesn’t have a magic sleigh to fulfill our wishes. He too asks us to be good boys and girls and love one another. He can travel to our hearts and homes with just a thought. But somehow, many of us only think of him a few times a year. Even many church-going Christians only think of him on Sundays. Christ’s presents are more everlasting than a candy cane but we seem to forget Him most of
the year.

Every year we have to be reminded of the reason for the season. The details of Christ’s teachings are in our stories but each year we fail to remember that the simple magic of Christmas isn’t about fat agoraphobics, it’s about love. Expressing yours for your family and friends, and most of all for the One for whom the season is all about.
You can believe in Santa but remember to love Christ.